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Many items appear faulty or in poor condition, why are you selling them?
Collectors will collect records of varying conditions. I will sell items in fair or poor condition if they are very collectable and will grade items accordingly. I do not sell items in bad condition.

How can we tell if you are a reputable seller?
I have a 100% feedback rating on Ebay which can be viewed here.

Are your items originals?
Yes, I do not sell copies.


How are your records graded?
Items are graded using the Record Collector Price Guide Grading System.

What do the letters S, A and O mean?
Sleeve condition and audio imperfections. O refers to any other faults, ie with the label or other item that comes with the record.

What is crackling on a record?
I prefer to class audio noise as crackling with scratching to indicate jumping.

PICTURESWhy are sleeves missing from pictures?
Many records come in plain sleeves, if there is no fault with a sleeve, it is irrelevent to show the item.


What payment methods do you accept?
Preferably Paypal which is quick and secure. I do also accept cash or cheque but I do advise that cash should not be sent in the post.

How much are your postage and packing charges?
All p+p charges are included in the listed price.

Do you offer bulk discount?
Yes, please e-mail with any requirements, item listing, etc and I will calculate your total price.


How can I contact you?

Do you ship abroad?
Prices, which include postage, are for the UK only. If you require an item to be sent outside of the UK, please e-mail stating destination.